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Bestsellers like Alcacyl®Original Bach® Flowers/RESCUE®Gly-Coramin®OLBAS®Probactiol® plus,  "Nieren- und Blasendragées S" and Hänseler D-Mannose are some of the leading OTC drugs in Swiss retail. The high-quality raw materials, the tried and tested formulas and the uncompromising processing quality guarantee the desired effectiveness and compatibility.

For the distribution of this wide array of products, we have developed a close-knit sales network, which includes almost all the 1,700 pharmacies and 600 chemists' in Switzerland. The delivery to these is fast, safe and guarantees the prescribed transport temperature.

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Our home is Appenzell. Our thinking is international.

The history of our company begins in 1964 with Edwin Hänseler, who developed a thriving trade with the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs.

At the turn of the century, the company was expanded with new construction and extension on a large scale.

Today, Hänseler AG has 135 employees, who are personally in contact with around 4,200 customers and manage about 600 deliveries per day. 

Enjoy a view over a range of more than 3'000 products.

The modern infrastructure with qualified systems enables the manufacture of diverse galenical dosage forms and herbal active ingredients. Thanks to the high standard of equipment and our qualified employees, we can comply with the highest demands for quality.

With the diverse and flexible infrastructure, we are able to adjust the batch sizes to the requirements.