Packaging and manufacture


The packaging of liquid, semi-solid and solid drug forms and drug substances in conformity with GMP is one of the core competences of our company, in addition to manufacture. A flexible filling infrastructure makes it possible to fulfil various customer needs. Thanks to modern ventilation technology and consistent filling under laminar flow, the risk of a cross-contamination can be excluded.

Packaging of liquid forms
The filling line covers all the processes from filling, closing, labelling and batching to final packaging. Our GMP quality system ensures consistent filling of the whole batch at all times.

Packaging of semi-solid forms
According to the customer's wishes and the market trend, tubes made of aluminium, synthetics or composite materials are filled in our system. The range of application covers ointments, creams, emulsions, pastes and gels. Filling volumes available range from sample tubes to large packaging.

Packaging of solid forms
Depending on the product, filling takes place under laminar flow or in the glove box, which is specially equipped for the packaging of oxygen-sensitive and/or toxic substances. Our infrastructure in this field is suitable for the filling of powder mixtures and tablets in tins, as well as for drug substances and vitamins.


As a leading company for contract manufacturing, we use potential and synergies for the benefit of our clients. The latest technologies and a high level of expertise guarantee the required quality standards. Precisely defined processes are recorded and documented in our valid ERP system. We have had our company audited and certified by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic) for work at the highest level in accordance with standards.

Our broad range of services extends from contract manufacturing to distribution tasks and analyses in our laboratory. All stages of work are carried out in a highly specialised environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our demands always remain the same – we produce competently, reliably and efficiently.

Galenical manufacture:

  • Liquid drug forms
  • Semi-solid drug forms
  • Solid drug forms

Manufacture of active ingredients:

  • Liquid extracts, tinctures

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