Bronchial Lozenges S

"Bronchial Lozenges S" is a herbal medicine which can be used for coughs that produce thick mucus. The medicinal plants the lozenges contain are traditionally used to alleviate the medical condition of coughs associated with colds and to relieve couging out.

This is an approved medicinal product. Take advice from a specialist and read the package leaflet.

Adults and children over 2 years:
Allow a lozenge to dissolve slowly in the mouth every 2 hours.

Follow the dosage stated on the package label or by your doctor. If you think that the effect of the medicine is not strong enough or too strong, speak to your doctor, pharmacist or chemist.

1 lozenge contains: liquid sundew extract (drug/extraction liquid ratio 0.6:1, extraction agent ethanol 25% m/m, corresp. massa siccata 0.42 mg), liquid liquorice extract (drug/liquid extract ratio 1.8-2.1:1, extraction agent ethanol 65% m/m, corresp. massa siccata 19.67 mg) equivalent to 2.0-2.6 mg glycyrrhizic acid, liquid ribwort plantain extract (drug/extraction liquid ratio 0.51:1, extraction agent ethanol 25% m/m, corresp. massa siccata 1.90 mg), aromatica (Levomenthol, anise oil), sodium cyclamate, sorbitol and other auxiliary products. 1 Bronchial Pastille is equivalent to 5.2 kJ (0.028 BE).

50 lozenges

Aavailable in pharmacies and drugstores near you.

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