Hänseler Menopause

Menopausal symptoms?

Plant-based medications to relieve hot flushes and mood swings. Additional information on the topic of menopause as well as a self-test can be found on www.haenseler-menopause.ch. 

This is an approved medicinal product. Take advice from a specialist and read the package information leaflet.

Adult women:
1 film-coated tablet daily

Whenever possible, take the film-coated tablet at the same time each day (morning or evening) without chewing it and with enough fluids.

1 film-coated tablet contains: 300 mg dry extract (quantified) of St. John’s wort (corresponding to  0.3-0.9 mg total hypericin, extracting agent ethanol 60% (by weight), drug-extract ratio 3.5-6:1), 6.4 mg dry extract of black cohosh rootstock (extracting agent: ethanol 60% (by volume), Drug-extract ratio 4.5-8.5:1), vanillin as flavouring, as well as other excipients.

30 film-coated tablets, 60 film-coated tablets

Available in pharmacies and drugestores your area.

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