Hamamelis ointment Haas®

Hamamelis ointment Haas® contains aqua hamamelidis: a steam distillate of a starting mix of fresh flowering Hamamelis twigs (Hamamelis virginica) and aqueous alcohol.

Hamamelis virginica is the Latin name for the Virginia witch hazel, whose leaves and bark were already being used as medicine by the aboriginal inhabitants of North America. The Hamamelis ointment Haas® can be used for varicose veins, prolapsed haemorrhoids, fissures, dry and damaged nasal mucosa, chafing soreness and rashes in both small children and adults, skin abrasions, small burns, sunburn and glacial sunburn, chilblains.

This is an approved medicinal product. Take advice from a specialist and read the package leaflet.

Unless something else is prescribed by your doctor, the ointment should be applied to the affected sites 2–3 times daily. For fissures and other skin wounds apply ointment bandages; refresh ointment bandage 2–3 times daily. The ointment must not be ingested.

Adhere to the dosages set out in the package information leaflet or prescribed by your doctor. If you believe that the effectiveness of the medication is too weak or too strong, then discuss this with your doctor, pharmacist or chemist.

1 g Hamamelis ointment Haas® contains: 150 mg Hamamelis steam distillate (Aqua hamamelidis), lanolin-alcohol (Alcoholes adipis lanae), lanolin (Adeps lanae), preservatives E 217 and E 219 (p-Hydroxy-benzoic acid methyl- and propyl-ester sodium compound), ointment base.

35 g tube, 100 g tube

Available in pharmacies and drugstores near you.

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