Sweden-Mixture H

Sweden-Mixture H is a plant-derived laxative. The natural ingredients (anthraquinones) stimulate bowel activity. This substance can be used for short periods in occasional constipation.

This is an approved medicinal product. Take advice from a specialist and read the package information leaflet.

Take 5-10 ml in the evening diluted with some water before bedtime, using the included measuring beaker. (Effect starts after approx. 8 hours).

Adhere to the dosages set out in the package information leaflet or prescribed by your doctor. If you believe that the medication effect is too weak or too strong, then discuss this with your doctor, pharmacist or chemist.

Liquid extract of: aloe 119 mg, senna leaves 55.3 mg, rhubarb root 55.3 mg, equiv. to hydroxyanthracene derivative (calculated as aloin) 24.5-30.0 mg, extraction agent: sweet wine, aromatica, preservative E216/E218 (methyl/propyl parahydroxybenzoate) and auxiliary products per 10 ml. Contains 15% alcohol by volume.

150 ml bottle

Aavailable in pharmacies and drugstores near you.

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