Kelosoft® is a cream used to treat scars that contains the active ingredient green oil (from henbane). This softens and smooths bulging scars. The scars gradually reduce in size after several months of treatment with Kelosoft®. A successful outcome is generally only evident after 6-12 months. Kelosoft® can also be used after a certain time as prevention against scarring after injuries to the skin (burns and cuts) and surgery.

This is an approved medicinal product. Take advice from a specialist and read the package leaflet.

Adults: Rub a little cream into the scar for 2-3 minutes using the tip of your finger every evening before bedtime, then cover with gauze if necessary. Continue treatment on a daily basis without any interruption. Treatment may be required for several weeks to months, depending on the extent and severity of the existing bad scarring. Consistent and regular use is a condition for success. Always take this medicinal product exactly as described in this leaflet or as your doctor has told you. Talk to your doctor, dispensing or non-dispensing pharmacist if you think the medicine is too strong or too weak. There are no data on the use and safety of Kelosoft® in children.

1 g of Kelosoft® cream contains: henbane oil 500 mg; hydroxylated lanolin; collagen; macrogol 400; aromatisers; preservatives: methylparaben (E 218); and other ointment excipients.

10 g tube, 25 g tube

Available in pharmacies and drugstores near you.

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